The seed that has become Open Arms Birth Collective was planted when one of our partners went to her midwife for professional advice. The response was an affirmation:

"I open my arms wide to embrace you and hold you

as you walk the path you choose."

From that simple statement was born an entire philosophy of choices, options, and experienced doula support for families at all levels of need. Today, Open Arms is an association of birth workers who offer diverse personalized, one-stop, one-fee services for the birthing families of Richmond. With the first-of-its-kind system of tiered levels of birth support and complementary services at a wide range of price points, Open Arms has something for every budget and lifestyle.

How it works

Our model is designed to be as simple as possible. When you browse our "Services" page, each item listed is accompanied by a button that indicates your interest; click on the button to add that item to your cart. When you are done, click on "Checkout" to fill out a form requesting a consultation with one of our Service Coordinators. At our initial consultation, we will review with you the list of services you are interested in and answer any questions you have. With your permission we share your contact information with the contractors providing the services you've selected so that they can contact you for a consultation or to answer any questions. If you don't want your information shared, we provide you with their information so that you can contact them yourself. When you have made a final decision on your services--whether that is at your first consultation or after interviews with several different providers--you sign one contract and make your payment(s) to one company--and that's it.

Our Business Structure

As mothers ourselves, we understand the challenges and rewards of balancing family life with work and passion. In order to give our service providers maximum flexibility to be with their families and follow their own paths, Open Arms Birth Collective has no employees, only independent contractors who are free to maintain their own schedules and pursue their businesses in addition to their work with us.  When you choose Open Arms Birth Collective, you are choosing to work with a company that places a high value on its members' personal satisfaction and family life as well as their professional goals.