Why a Birth Collective?

You are a mother.

Maybe you're pregnant with your first baby, maybe you have twelve children! Whatever your story, we get it.

We are mothers, too. Every service provider at Open Arms is a mother, and we have stood where you stand now--looking forward to the day we meet our babies, feeling our stomachs drop at the thought of what that day will be like, wondering what we should be doing to prepare. We know how much there is to learn, and how overwhelming it can feel when you research one thing only to find it leads to ten others that you never considered. That's why we started Open Arms Birth Collective.

Here, in one place, you can find and learn about all of the services you may have considered for your birth. And you will be getting them in one place, from a community of people who understand exactly what you are going through. People who are mothers themselves, every day, and who balance motherhood with the work of supporting other mothers on this joyful, messy, exhausting, wonderful path.

Why choose Open Arms Birth Collective?

Because becoming a mother is not simply one day: it is a journey to a place you will live in for the rest of your life. One of our past clients said it best: "It takes a village, right? Open Arms is my village."