Complementary Services


Complementary Services



Locally-made, custom-blended herbal teas, tinctures, and tonics to meet your needs from pre-conception through the first year of your baby's life.

·         Fertility Tea

·         Pregnancy Tea

·         Postpartum wellness

·         Nursing tea

·         PMS Emotional Wellness Tea

·         Cramp tea

·         First Trimester Tea

·         Digestive Wellness Tea

·         Relax and Refresh Tonic (late term/pregnancy exhaustion)

  • Postpartum bath blends, two baths included. Cloves not included.

  • Custom blended cramp rescue tincture

All teas are $25 for a month supply or $7 per bag, except Cramp Tea (by the bag only - $10/bag, makes enough for a full moon-dark cycle).

Massage. Massage services are offered through our contractor Abigail Lewis. Mention Open Arms when you contact Abigail and get a 5% discount!

  • Prenatal and postpartum massage.
  • Infant Massage Instruction. One-on-one infant massage instruction gives you the tools to connect with and soothe your baby. Infant massage improves digestion, facilitates bonding, and improves sleep. This class is available for individuals or groups and is appropriate for both expecting and new parents.

Acupressure. Using the body's own energy pathways and pressure points, acupressure helps prepare and encourage your body to give birth by assisting with fetal positioning and cervical ripening. When used in labor, acupressure can help regulate an irregular contraction pattern and move you more quickly through a plateau. $75/session

Rebozo. A short instruction in using the rebozo for comfort and easing the aches of pregnancy. A rebozo can be purchased at the session. $50

Reiki. Reiki practitioners channel energy through touch to activate your body's natural healing processes and restore your physical and emotional well-being. $

Yoga. All of our yoga classes are offered through our contractor Jessica Turner. Mention Open Arms when you contact Jess and receive 5% off.

Babywearing Consult. Need a little guidance using your carrier now that your baby has arrived? Curious to try something new before making a purchase?  Want help adjusting your carrier for perfect fit?  Prefer one-on-one help with your newborn in a quiet environment?  30 minute mini consultations are the perfect solution!  We provide private, hands-on assistance with your babywearing questions during your appointment slot.

Birth, newborn, family photography. Photography is provided through our contractor, Macy Lau Photography, LLC. Mention Open Arms when you contact Macy and receive 5% off on her photography packages!

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