Bundled Service Packages.

labor support options in Richmond VA
labor support options in Richmond VA

Bundled Service Packages.

from 470.00

Bundled service packages are pre-arranged add-ons that simplify your choices. Buy any package by itself or add it to a doula support package to receive up to a 15% discount. 

The Education Package. $470

Map Your Path childbirth class, 3-Hour Breastfeeding class, Circumcision Decision class, babywearing class, infant massage instruction, post-partum prep.

The Bodywork Package. $555

3 prenatal massages, 2 acupressure sessions after 36 weeks, 1 30-minute Rebozo session, 2 post-partum massages.

The Earth Mama. $1,200

Childbirth class, Circumcision Decision class, breastfeeding class, Babywearing class, placenta encapsulation, birth photography, infant massage instruction, a one-year membership to Babywearing International, one tea and one tincture.

The Stress-Reducer. $475

3 prenatal massages, 1 acupressure session after 36 weeks, Relax and De-stress herbal tonic, post-partum bath, 1 post-partum massage, 1 4-hour post-partum doula shift.

Time-Savers Package. $610

Short Cut Childbirth Class, One-Hour Breastfeeding Class, Basic Doula Package.

“What the Heck Just Happened?” Package. $735

If you ended with a C-section or your birth went a way you didn’t expect and you find you need more support than expected. 4 4-hour postpartum doula shifts, 3 post-partum massages, 1-hour breastfeeding consult, one tea and one tincture.

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